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Standards for Endorsement

Many hands make light work.

  1. The organization has at least three people on its leadership team. The leaders should be willing to show their names and faces in public.

    * We believe in teamwork - nobody can win the culture war alone and every credible group needs its own team. Although it is hard to muster the courage to stand up and fight the good fight, courage is contagious. Only when you are willing to get involved with your real name(s) that your organization can build credibility and reputation in your local community. You can also encourage more to join the fight.

    * This requirement is waived for organizations that offer alternative curriculums.

  2. Your organization must support and uphold the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If you are in California, your organization must pledge to embrace California Constitution Article I Section 31 (Prop. 209).

    * We believe that equal treatment for all, regardless of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin is a fundamental American value and the essence of America's civil rights. Any policies, programs or ideas supporting preferential treatment and discrimination are unacceptable.

  3. Your organization should agree with the view that teachers' unions are at the root of problems facing public education which is in the middle of a cultural war.

    * We are in a culture war waged by the radical left. Teachers' unions are a powerful player behind the declines in our education system and they are behind the culture war. Teachers' unions have become political advocacy groups that campaign for political causes, issues and candidates. In recent years, they have also engaged in advocating for ideological issues such as the teaching of Critical Race Theory, Liberated Ethnic Studies, and etc. Over 90% of political contributions from teachers' unions go to support candidates and causes from the Democratic Party. Due to their engagement with organized politics, teachers' unions are frequently criticized by policy observers and education advocates as a hinderance for educational excellence. They have the money, the volunteers, the know-how and the experience of the school district to play the long game of hijacking public education and indoctrinating our kids.

    * This requirement is waived for legal advocacy groups.

  4. At least one leader of the organization has collaborated with or been vetted by CFER.

    * In the wake of the culture war, a plethora of organizations have emerged to challenge the cultural and ideological orthodoxy, many of which have similar views and visions. But we don’t take our endorsements lightly and will not endorse any organization based on an appealing website or an agreeable social media post. CFER’s endorsement will only be publicized after personal exchanges and real-time cooperation.

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