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We monitor and analyze pertinent legislative proposals in the California State Legislature.

Every year since 2021, CFER has proactively studied new state bills proposed in the California Legislature. We are a watchdog that is consistently monitoring state legislation and policies pertaining to equality, merit and education. The proceeds of our policy monitoring work can be found in the following legislative analyses, digests and more. If you would like to know more or get the full reports/presentations, please use the requst button or contact us via

Legislative Reports

2023 Legislative Digest


2022 Public Employment Bill Analysis


2023 Legilative Analysis

13 New Bills Warrant Special Attention

2022 Policy Report

California action civics bills & programs

2022 Legislative Report on Action Civics

California Action Civics Bills & Programs

2021 Legislative Digest

15 New California Bills and Resolutions to Watch

2022 Public Education Legislative Report

Public education at a crossroads

Reports / Presentations

preview-image-policy-Model Legislation on Transparency, Accountability and Indoctrination

Model Legislation on Transparency, Accountability and Indoctrination

January 01, 2022

preview-image-policy-Presentation on DEI’s Ideological Hijacking

Presentation on DEI’s Ideological Hijacking

December 14, 2021

preview-image-policy-Analysis on California’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

Analysis on California’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

December 06, 2021

preview-image-policy-Presentation on AB101

Presentation on AB101

June 25, 2021



Defend merit and advance equality.

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