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A Dubious Expediency

A Dubious Expediency

by Gail Heriot and Maimon Schwarzchild (Editors)

A collection of eight insightful essays critical of racial “diversity” preferences in American higher education. The volume forthrightly exposes the corrosive effects of identity politics on college and university life.

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I And The Other: A Wicked Inquiry

I And The Other: A Wicked Inquiry

by Joe Nalven

A thought-provoking and beautifully written reflection by an anthropologist on his personal voyage exploring racial identity and self-understanding. The book introduces readers to individuals who step outside our wicked limitation.

The Great Parent Revolt

The Great Parent Revolt

by Lance Izumi, Wenyuan Wu, and McKenzie Richards

How Parents and Grassroots Leaders Are Fighting Critical Race Theory in America's Schools.


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