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Published February 21, 2024

Attend the “Sneak Peek” Screening of Eli Steele’s “Killing America” on March 2nd in Menlo Park!

CFER Advisor Eli Steele has just made a timely and excellent film called Killing America: Can the Nation’s Schools Be Saved?


Wenyuan Wu


CFER Advisor Eli Steele has just made a timely and excellent film called Killing America: Can the Nation's Schools Be Saved? It is a must-watch documentary exploring the inevitable intersections among California's critical ethnic studies movement, the war on merit, and antisemitism in the wake of the October 7 Massacre.

On Saturday, March 2nd (from 6:30 to 9pm PT), Eli and the cast members of Killing America will host a special pre-release screening at the Guild Theatre (949 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025). If you are in northern California, we encourage you to get tickets to attend the special screening. Eli's captivating work features conversations with Bay Area parents and advocates on incidents of virulent antisemitism and attacks on meritocracy, free speech and radical curriculums in the local schools. It explores in detail how various forces and influences within the educational system permitted this hate --- which first targeted whites and Asians --- to erupt with impunity in an allegedly "tolerant" place.

"What happened in southern Israel on October 7th shook the world in many ways. Most of us never imagined that the ripple effects would reach our public high schools in America, but they did and what they revealed was a shockingly strong current of antisemitism," commented Eli Steele on his motivation behind making Killing America.

Eli continued: "This comes after years of anti-Asian and anti-white hate. Where was this tribal hatred coming from? After 60 years of diversity efforts, was this tribal hatred what we ended up with? How could that be. That is why I decided to do a deep dive investigation into the Bay Area schools and my documentary, Killing America, is the result."

The special screening of Killing America will start at 6:30 pm in the Guild Theatre. A panel discussion will start at 8pm after the screening and the event will conclude at 9pm with a reception. Please secure your seat today before the tickets are sold out!

In recent years, CFER has worked with grassroots groups, parents and community members in the Bay Area, to expose the invasion of diversity, equity and inclusion, the assault on academic standards and integrity, and the hijacking of ethnic studies in local school districts. We have collaborated with local stakeholders to help them organize fellow parents, students and citizens in school districts including the San Francisco UnifiedSequoia Union HighPalo Alto Unified, and many more. Many of our local partners and friends are interviewed in Killing America.


Wenyuan Wu

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